A Day in the Life of Brockport Students: Tuesday, April 17

From whenever they wake up this morning through till whenever they call it a night, the bloggers are chronicling their entire day for you. It’s your inside look at what a typical day in Brockport student life is like. Follow along here and on Twitter using #bportlife. Also check out the bloggers’ takeover of theContinue reading “A Day in the Life of Brockport Students: Tuesday, April 17”

ICYMI: Recapping a Busy “Day in the Life”

Whether studying at 1 am or rolling out of bed at 10; living on campus or off; working, writing, eating, or hanging out with friends, our bloggers’ stories are all pieces of a busy day in Brockport student life. They captured the action throughout the day on November 20 on Twitter using #bportlife, to createContinue reading “ICYMI: Recapping a Busy “Day in the Life””

Follow the bloggers around on Monday!

On Monday, November 20, the Winging It blog crew will be documenting the details of their entire day on Twitter using #bportlife. Follow the hashtag and use it (or the comments here) to send them your questions. We’ll be compiling some of the content here on the blog, too. It’s your inside look at aContinue reading “Follow the bloggers around on Monday!”

Looking Back: A Busy Day in #bportlife

Last Wednesday, November 19, our bloggers chronicled their entire day through social media. From study sessions to food sessions, from One Direction to Brockapella, it was a busy day, showcasing the many fun and challenging things our students experience as part of daily #bportlife. Check out the full summary here: http://www.brockport.edu/bportlife.

My Twitter Relationship

Michele Pettis—I was perfectly content with my relationship with Facebook until Twitter came along. It’s like when there is suddenly a new kid in your class and you can’t take your eyes of him/her. Your current friends are great and all, but this new person represents so much mystery and intrigue. I joined Twitter inContinue reading “My Twitter Relationship”