ICYMI: Recapping a Busy “Day in the Life”

Whether studying at 1 am or rolling out of bed at 10; living on campus or off; working, writing, eating, or hanging out with friends, our bloggers’ stories are all pieces of a busy day in Brockport student life. They captured the action throughout the day on November 20 on Twitter using #bportlife, to createContinue reading “ICYMI: Recapping a Busy “Day in the Life””

A Day in the Life of Brockport Students: Monday, November 14

We’re at it again! Throughout the entire day on Monday, November 14, the bloggers will share the details of their day on Twitter using #bportlife. Follow the hashtag and use it to send them your questions and comments. It’s your inside look at a day in the life of Brockport students. What do you wantContinue reading “A Day in the Life of Brockport Students: Monday, November 14”

Alumni Spotlight: Michele Pettis

Alumni Spotlight We’ve asked some of our Winging It alumni to let us know what they’re up to these days. Here, Michele Pettis ’14 reminisces about her inspiring study abroad experience in New Zealand, and how it prepared her to move out of state for a new job. Watch for more of these features inContinue reading “Alumni Spotlight: Michele Pettis”

Scholar’s Day – Dream Travels

Michele Pettis—I want to go to New Zealand. Bad. I’ve wanted to go there since I learned that those awesome mountains and fields featured in The Lord of the Rings were not computer generated. I’ve watched every Travel Channel show on New Zealand. I’ve bought half a shelf’s worth of New Zealand travel books. I’ve hungContinue reading “Scholar’s Day – Dream Travels”

Thanks for the Chance

Turkey. Stuffing. Potatoes. Aged sheep’s milk cheese from Italy. You’re wondering if this is a game of “which one of these things is not like the other one”? It is not. It’s a list of the delicious foods I have consumed this weekend. Due to family members’ work schedules and travel plans, we decided toContinue reading “Thanks for the Chance”