My Scholars Day: 2018

Why you should stop watching Netflix and take advantage of your Scholars Day!


What to Do on the Weekend

Brockport isn’t just a party school. There are hundreds of things to do on and off campus on the weekends. I promise you’ll find something you love here!

How to Stay 3 Steps Ahead this Semester

Alexis Marchitte—College is said to be the most fun, life-changing years of your life but unfortunately that doesn’t mean ignoring all your responsibilities. Although it does depend on your major, my major (Athletic Training) seems like there is much less time for fun compared to other students in other majors. Which is why setting goals…

Managing your workload

Alexis Marchitte—Every semester is a different story when it comes to classes and your workload. My freshman year consisted of just general education classes, which to be honest felt like another year of high school. I was taking a wide range of science, history and art classes and the workload was very similar to high…