Scholar’s Day – Dream Travels

Michele Pettis—I want to go to New Zealand. Bad. I’ve wanted to go there since I learned that those awesome mountains and fields featured in The Lord of the Rings were not computer generated. I’ve watched every Travel Channel show on New Zealand. I’ve bought half a shelf’s worth of New Zealand travel books. I’ve hungContinue reading “Scholar’s Day – Dream Travels”

Scholar’s Day – Do It Yourself

Michele Pettis—For her Honors project Madeleine Bryant decided she wanted to write a novel. And she did. As a want-to-be writer I’m totally in awe of this. Madeleine presented her book, Nation Nine, on Scholar’s Day. She explained her inspiration for writing. She had done some doodles in her notebook and they seemed to grow personalities.Continue reading “Scholar’s Day – Do It Yourself”

Scholar’s Day – Zombies

Michele Pettis—Ever wonder where zombies come from? It turns out the answer is Haiti. Kent Lester made his Honors presentation on the topic of zombies. It was clear that he had a passion for the subject, but thankfully not for eating brains. Haha But seriously. The idea of American zombies has come from the HaitianContinue reading “Scholar’s Day – Zombies”