What to pack for life in the dorms

Everything you’ll need to survive living in the Brockport dorms!


What I Packed

  Alexis Marchitte—My freshman year I lived in a suite style dorm that had two bedrooms with two girls in each. We all shared a common living room and one bathroom. So my packing list might differ slightly from those living in a corridor style room! The pictures above show my roommate’s side of the…

What they don’t tell you about move-in day

Alexis Marchitte—Hey everyone! My name is Alexis, and I am a first semester freshman this year at Brockport. I am studying Exercise Science and Athletic Training, I am hoping to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. I currently work for Campus Rec in the SERC and I am a new blogger for Winging It. I am…

McFarlane Hall

Procrastination at its finest.

Katelynn Groh—What better way to procrastinate all my final presentations and papers than with a blog? Right. Glad you see it my way! But really, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while. I was going to post a tweet about it but thought I could elaborate on it and let you guys…