My Scholars Day: 2018

Why you should stop watching Netflix and take advantage of your Scholars Day!

Wes Moore

Eliza Zachowicz—At this year’s Diversity Conference, The College at Brockport was graced with the presence of Wes Moore, author of our summer reading assignment, The Work. Moore was set to give the afternoon keynote address and honestly, it was breathtaking. Moore told many stories of his life, keeping the audience captivated, as his voice alone was thatContinue reading “Wes Moore”

Communication Matters in Group Projects

Alex Winslow—This week I had a challenge when working with a group. What do you do when one of your partners says they are going to do a part of the project but they end up not telling you what is going on? Well, you stay up half the night doing their piece of theContinue reading “Communication Matters in Group Projects”

Blackboard Collaborate

Alex Winslow—I got to experience a new way of doing class. It was through Blackboard in my Scientific Exploration class. We were able to log onto the session and have a collaborative class. At first glance Blackboard reminds me of Skype, but you have some extra options. You will join a class session with yourContinue reading “Blackboard Collaborate”