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Snapshot of my Freshman Year

Snapshot of my Freshman Year

Cat Mattis—The featured picture was included in the Brockport Week in Pictures from the spring. Neither Alex or I knew that it was taken, and we found it on the website the week after. I thought this was a cute memory to start with.  As much as I want a break from the homework, I … Continue reading Snapshot of my Freshman Year

Memorable Moments from Fall 2015

Spencer Linsner—Hey everyone! As I settle in for the spring semester, I can't help but take some time to reflect on last semester as well. To that end, this post is about sharing two of my favorite memories from last semester! First off, my favorite memory from the courses I took probably happened during my … Continue reading Memorable Moments from Fall 2015

Semester Recap: Memorable Moments

Kayla Green—Hi everyone! As my winter break wraps up, I wanted to reflect on last semester while I prepare for my next one! I think some of my fondest memories of this semester involve the new friends I have made. I was so lucky to meet such great people right away and have new people I consider … Continue reading Semester Recap: Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments of my First Semester

Alexis Marchitte—Well I just finished up my first semester here at Brockport and I can already say I've made memories to last a lifetime inside and outside the classroom. I've learned a lot of new information from my classes (don't worry, mom) but I've also met some of the best people who I've made unforgettable … Continue reading Memorable Moments of my First Semester