My Biggest Fear: Making Friends

One thing I can guarantee is that you’ll leave freshman year with a new friend or two and you’ll be bummed you have to leave them all summer.

My Scholars Day: 2018

Why you should stop watching Netflix and take advantage of your Scholars Day!

Spreading LOVE and PRIDE, One Program At a Time

Shay Harris—October is National LGBT History Month and as a Resident Assistant (RA) at The College at Brockport, I decided to do something special to celebrate this. Before my junior year ended, I brainstormed a list of programs I wanted to initiate during my third and final year as an RA. Among my list IContinue reading “Spreading LOVE and PRIDE, One Program At a Time”

My Epiphany about Valentine’s Day

Cat Mattis—Hey everyone! My name is Cat. I am not really sure what to say, so I guess I’ll just wing it! This is my FIRST official post. (WOO!) I am a freshman and majoring in Psychology and Journalism/Broadcasting. I really enjoy getting involved in school activities and I am currently involved in the LeadershipContinue reading “My Epiphany about Valentine’s Day”

Valentines Day <3

Liz Herrmann—Love: n. 1. a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection   2. an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment 3. [insert your own definition here] The Greeks divided up love into four different sections: family, friendship, sexual or romantic desire, and divine love (also known as religion).Continue reading “Valentines Day <3”