Thank You, Brockport.

Four years went far too quickly.


What I Packed

  Alexis Marchitte—My freshman year I lived in a suite style dorm that had two bedrooms with two girls in each. We all shared a common living room and one bathroom. So my packing list might differ slightly from those living in a corridor style room! The pictures above show my roommate’s side of the…

Snapshot of my Freshman Year

Cat Mattis—The featured picture was included in the Brockport Week in Pictures from the spring. Neither Alex or I knew that it was taken, and we found it on the website the week after. I thought this was a cute memory to start with.  As much as I want a break from the homework, I…

Main Street Brockport

Mr. Linsner Goes to Town

Spencer Linsner—Hey Everyone! Sorry for the long absence—it’s been a busy few weeks, but I’m here with a new story for you all! I thought I’d talk about a trip my friends and I took into the village of Brockport a couple weeks ago. It really provides a nice example of some of the great…