My Scholars Day: 2018

Why you should stop watching Netflix and take advantage of your Scholars Day!

Applying into the Athletic Training Program

Alexis Marchitte—It is my pleasure to share with everyone that I have been accepted into Brockport’s Athletic Training program. I’d love to share my experience and everything you need to know about the application process for everyone who is interested. You’ll have to take a couple pre-requisites before you can officially apply into the program.Continue reading “Applying into the Athletic Training Program”

Leaving for Winter Break

Alexis Marchitte—When it comes to college, winter break is a little different from high school. In high school you have a week off after Christmas, and that time is mostly used to do all the homework and projects you were assigned. In college, it’s 6 full weeks of pure heaven. No homework, no roommates, noContinue reading “Leaving for Winter Break”

Spring is in the Air!

Alex Bill—As this very strange weather seems to be bouncing us around these last few weeks, I have been very ready for spring to come. With midterms over and the sun playing hide and seek, I am so ready to be outside and getting some things done! It’s pretty awesome seeing how the campus comesContinue reading “Spring is in the Air!”

Resumes and applications and interviews! Oh, my!

Missy Fischer—With only a mere 45 days left until my college graduation, I have really had to put some time and effort into getting ready for life after college. In the past month I have put some serious effort into my resume and finally completed that, applied to my first “big girl job”, and alsoContinue reading “Resumes and applications and interviews! Oh, my!”