Wes Moore

Eliza Zachowicz—At this year’s Diversity Conference, The College at Brockport was graced with the presence of Wes Moore, author of our summer reading assignment, The Work. Moore was set to give the afternoon keynote address and honestly, it was breathtaking. Moore told many stories of his life, keeping the audience captivated, as his voice alone was thatContinue reading “Wes Moore”

The Sting of Denial: Why didn’t it work out?

Alex Bill—Dearest Reader/Recently Denied Applicant/Curious Beings, Today I am writing to help everyone out! I recently was denied from a really great internship that I was fairly confident about! It was a pretty defeating feeling to get that denial email. Yet, I am still standing! I am still here, tapping away at these keys onContinue reading “The Sting of Denial: Why didn’t it work out?”

5 Ways to Step Up Your Professionalism

Alex Bill—With the hustle and bustle of college, we all tend to forget the reason we are off studying and opening our brains to so much knowledge in the first place. Regardless of your field of study, there is one goal in mind for all college students: finding your CAREER! Today I am going to give you someContinue reading “5 Ways to Step Up Your Professionalism”

Brockport Innovation Builds Student Achievement

James Mignano—Last week, Brockport’s student-run newspaper, The Stylus, reported some great news: The capital project update was released by the college. The article is all about the school getting the “financial go-ahead for SUNY to commence construction on previously planned facilities.” One of the new projects is a courtyard type of outdoor area between theContinue reading “Brockport Innovation Builds Student Achievement”