Day in the Life

Shay Harris—Better late than never, right? Traditionally, Day in the Life consists of us bloggers sharing the ins and outs of our lives through social media. However, I’m no longer on such platforms, so I’m being different by writing this post. So here’s a brief rundown on what my day consisted of: 9:00 am –Continue reading “Day in the Life”

Where Has the Time Gone?

Kayla Green—So apparently I’m a junior now, to my own disbelief. This time in college is flying by and there’s no stopping it. I have learned so much already over the past 2 years and as I dive head-first into the second half of my college career, I notice everything changing. Over the summer, IContinue reading “Where Has the Time Gone?”

My Winter Break in 381 Words

Missy Fischer—It feels as though this winter break has come and gone with a blink of an eye. The past five weeks, for me personally, have just flown by. Finals week ended on a high note; I was happy with both my final exam grades and overall grades for the semester. The week after IContinue reading “My Winter Break in 381 Words”