A Timeline.

Katelynn Groh—Well guys, it’s happening. Tomorrow is the day that I’ve been looking forward to and working towards for the past 4 years. Graduation. With that, I thought I’d do a little timeline of my four years here…             Brockport, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for being everything IContinue reading “A Timeline.”

Music Macabre: The RPO at Tower Fine Arts

Spencer Linsner—Happy Halloween, everyone (Better late then never)! Today I decided to talk about a great opportunity my friends and I had recently: on October 30th, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra came to play a series of Halloween-related pieces at Brockport’s very own Tower Fine Arts Center, in a performance aptly titled “Music Macabre”. The first pieceContinue reading “Music Macabre: The RPO at Tower Fine Arts”

Midsemester Recap

Kayla Green—Hey everyone! It has been an awesome and busy month since I last wrote. I just got back into the swing of things after mid semester break and now we just have the home stretch until the end of the semester! Here’s some updates about what I’ve been up to here at Brockport. IContinue reading “Midsemester Recap”

The Halloween Event

Alex Winslow—On Thursday, I went to the Halloween swing dance event. I arrived to join an event-wide game. All of the participants were joining in a giant circle. The game was that 2 people would start off dancing in the circle, then a shout-out would trigger the 2 people to find other people on theContinue reading “The Halloween Event”

Hallowegonnahavesomefun! Things to do on Halloween!

Liz Herrmann—Greetings everyone! Over the next week tons of college kids will prepare their costumes for Halloween, but for those of you that are looking for something to do here are some local things to visit! I give you all way more credit than myself because I do not do anything remotely scary! I actuallyContinue reading “Hallowegonnahavesomefun! Things to do on Halloween!”

Sugar Skulls, Falcons, and Domestic Violence Awareness (Oh, my)

Caitlyn Carson—So, a lot of stuff happens around campus around Halloween. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as much candy trick-or-treating as I did just being on campus these last few weeks. Besides wallowing in a pool of banana laffy taffy and crunch bars for three days this weekend, I participated in several events aroundContinue reading “Sugar Skulls, Falcons, and Domestic Violence Awareness (Oh, my)”