Indescribable: My Study Abroad Experience

Kayla Green—Europe is indescribable. It’s breathtaking, captivating, colorful, and exciting. It’s everything. Despite my inability to describe it in simply words, I’m going to try, because it was the best experience of my life. Ever since I was a prospective student at Brockport, I heard all talk about the study abroad program. How it’s theContinue reading “Indescribable: My Study Abroad Experience”

A Timeline.

Katelynn Groh—Well guys, it’s happening. Tomorrow is the day that I’ve been looking forward to and working towards for the past 4 years. Graduation. With that, I thought I’d do a little timeline of my four years here…             Brockport, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for being everything IContinue reading “A Timeline.”