Wes Moore

Eliza Zachowicz—At this year’s Diversity Conference, The College at Brockport was graced with the presence of Wes Moore, author of our summer reading assignment, The Work. Moore was set to give the afternoon keynote address and honestly, it was breathtaking. Moore told many stories of his life, keeping the audience captivated, as his voice alone was thatContinue reading “Wes Moore”

IT Movie Review

WARNING: Spoilers and potentially graphic content ahead This past weekend, my friend and I were finally able to make our way to Cinemark’s Tinseltown movie theatre and see the remake of It, written originally in 1986 by Stephen King.  According to slashfilm.com, Stephen King has said that we should “stop worrying about it as the producersContinue reading “IT Movie Review”

7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Senior Year

Missy Fischer— It comes quicker than you think I suppose people do tell you this; that as time goes on, time seems to go quicker. But I feel like it was just a month ago that I was starting my second semester of freshman year. The fact that I am now one month into myContinue reading “7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Senior Year”