Eating on Campus

Brockport has so many options to eat on campus – you’ll never be disappointed.

How to Stay 3 Steps Ahead this Semester

Alexis Marchitte—College is said to be the most fun, life-changing years of your life but unfortunately that doesn’t mean ignoring all your responsibilities. Although it does depend on your major, my major (Athletic Training) seems like there is much less time for fun compared to other students in other majors. Which is why setting goalsContinue reading “How to Stay 3 Steps Ahead this Semester”

Eating on Campus: Everything you Need to Know

Kayla Green—One thing a lot of people are unsure about before entering college is food, AKA the most important thing in life. As a freshman living on campus, you will have the choice to get either a 14 meals a week plan or an unlimited meal plan. You get Dining Dollars with both plans, a littleContinue reading “Eating on Campus: Everything you Need to Know”

Dining Hall Hacks

  Alexis Marchitte—Here on campus we have two dining halls, Harrison and Brockway. Harrison is much bigger, is centrally located around the majority of the residence halls, and they have more options. Brockway is surrounded by freshman dorms and they don’t have quite as many options. So far from my time here at Brockport I’veContinue reading “Dining Hall Hacks”