Everyone Wants You to Succeed

Only 84.4% of freshman return to college for their sophomore year


Move-In Week Made Easy

Eliza Zachowicz—Move-In Week can be seriously overwhelming. Both for students and for those helping you out. However, with a few simple tips, this day can run quickly and smoothly for everyone! Label Your Things with not only your last name but also your building, room number and what is inside. By doing this, the move-in crew will know where to…

My Life in Video!

Eliza Zachowicz—Hello everyone! My name is Eliza Zachowicz and I am the newest blogger here on Winging It! I am so excited to share my life with you all and I wanted to share with you all my YouTube channel! Apart from creating blog posts for you all, I will also be posting weekly vlogs…

Orientation Student Advisors

What to expect from orientation

Alexis Marchitte—Well, somehow almost 2 months of summer have passed since I left Brockport and now freshman orientation is upon us. There are certainly ways to maximize your experience and make the most out of your overnight orientation before you finally move in! I remember my orientation and the people I met like it was…