Wes Moore

Eliza Zachowicz—At this year’s Diversity Conference, The College at Brockport was graced with the presence of Wes Moore, author of our summer reading assignment, The Work. Moore was set to give the afternoon keynote address and honestly, it was breathtaking. Moore told many stories of his life, keeping the audience captivated, as his voice alone was thatContinue reading “Wes Moore”

Where Has the Time Gone?

Kayla Green—So apparently I’m a junior now, to my own disbelief. This time in college is flying by and there’s no stopping it. I have learned so much already over the past 2 years and as I dive head-first into the second half of my college career, I notice everything changing. Over the summer, IContinue reading “Where Has the Time Gone?”

What I learned from sophomore year

10 Things I learned this year

Applying into the Athletic Training Program

Alexis Marchitte—It is my pleasure to share with everyone that I have been accepted into Brockport’s Athletic Training program. I’d love to share my experience and everything you need to know about the application process for everyone who is interested. You’ll have to take a couple pre-requisites before you can officially apply into the program.Continue reading “Applying into the Athletic Training Program”