Alumni Spotlight: Michele Pettis

Alumni Spotlight We’ve asked some of our Winging It alumni to let us know what they’re up to these days. Here, Michele Pettis ’14 reminisces about her inspiring study abroad experience in New Zealand, and how it prepared her to move out of state for a new job. Watch for more of these features inContinue reading “Alumni Spotlight: Michele Pettis”

Writers Forum – Take a Hike

Michele Pettis—On Wednesday, May 1st, Cheryl Strayed spoke about her book Wild. The college presented her with the Art of Fact Award. The lecture was held off campus at Temple Br’th Kodesh in Brighton. I have not yet read Wild, but it is on my summer to-read list. I can’t wait until the semester isContinue reading “Writers Forum – Take a Hike”