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A Day in the Life of Brockport Students: Monday, November 14

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Alumni Spotlight: Michele Pettis

Alumni Spotlight

We’ve asked some of our Winging It alumni to let us know what they’re up to these days. Here, Michele Pettis ’14 reminisces about her inspiring study abroad experience in New Zealand, and how it prepared her to move out of state for a new job. Watch for more of these features in the coming weeks.

Although I finished the last class I needed to graduate in December 2013, I took one more “class” during the WinterSession: study abroad in New Zealand for two and a half weeks. It was an amazing experience! I knew that New Zealand was a beautiful country, but seeing it firsthand was truly amazing!

Traveling all the way to the other side of the globe was, obviously, a big trip. When I got back home, I took a job that moved me from Rochester, where I had lived my entire life, to Massachusetts. (I’m now the Team Leader in the Cheese Shop at Wegmans in Burlington, MA.) While it wasn’t the same distance as going to New Zealand, it was a big change. I was excited to make a fresh start but also apprehensive. My trip to New Zealand had showed me that you can’t have an adventure without getting out of your comfort zone. Moving to a new town in a new state was no different.

Now that I’ve been living here in Massachusetts for almost two years, I’m glad that I made the move. Would I have still taken the job if I hadn’t gone to New Zealand? Probably, but I wouldn’t have had built the foundation of being open to new experiences.

I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to study abroad. I also encourage you to push yourself to expand your horizons. You never know what you will experience until you get out there in the world.




A few photos from my New Zealand trip!

Alumni Spotlight: Katelynn Groh

Alumni Spotlight

We’ve asked some of our Winging It alumni to let us know what they’re up to these days. Here, recent graduate Katelynn Groh ’16 shares her job-search journey thus far and the helpful perspective she’s gained. Watch for more of these features in the coming weeks.

Katelynn Groh, alumnus—My first blog post as a Brockport alumna! How fun! 🙂 I figured I’d give you all an update about what has been going on since I graduated a month and a half ago! (It’s already been a month and a half!?!!)

Some of you may have known through previous posts that I was interning at the American Red Cross of Greater Rochester as a capstone project required to graduate. During my last few weeks there, I was talking with my bosses about job searching and they informed me of a position opening in Syracuse…the position I was interning for! How perfect!

Two weeks before graduation, I had a phone interview, and a couple days later I was emailed, stating that they wanted to meet with me in person in two weeks, which ended up being the Tuesday after graduation. Very excited, I went out and bought a new interview outfit and soon was on my way to Syracuse. The interview itself was great; it was only supposed to last an hour, but mine went for two hours because the Disasters Program Manager (DPM) and I had a lot in common and just kept chatting away! I took that as a good sign! 😉

I left Syracuse with high hopes and was feeling pretty good about myself because the DPM told me 38 people had applied and it was down to 4! I made it into the top 4!!! A few days later I received another email from HR…they wanted to do a second interview, it was down to me and one other person. This time they held the interview in Buffalo so that I wouldn’t have to drive three hours to Syracuse again. (Side note: Google what the American Red Cross building looks like in Buffalo…it’s literally a mansion. I felt like a princess walking in there.) So I headed into my second interview prepped and ready for go time, with brand new updated portfolios for each of the interviewers, and mine had sticky notes and tabs of everything I needed to know about the ARC and what I wanted to highlight about myself.

Again, I thought the interview went pretty well! But during my interview in Syracuse and the one in Buffalo, I was told that the same position was open in Buffalo. And while I had my heart set on Syracuse, I knew financially it would be better for me to stay in Buffalo. But I would deal with that as it happened. Well, the Friday after my second interview, the DPM of Syracuse called me: “Hi Katelynn, I’ve got some sad news…”

It hurt a little bit — who am I kidding, it hurt a lot actually. I had prepared so much for both interviews and just felt defeated. I don’t really remember the rest of the phone call because I was trying not to cry, LOL! Thankfully my boyfriend David was in town when I got the phone call, so he was able to comfort me and make me feel better. He kept saying that it was incredible I had made it to the top 2 of a big-girl job interview just 2 weeks after graduating, and he was right. However, in my mind it just kept translating to, “you were just shy of being good enough.” What made it hurt so much was that everyone told me I had the position, that they’d be silly not to hire me. So I got my hopes up. But after some retail therapy and a day of sulking, I was back on my feet and ready to interview for the Buffalo position!

My interview for Buffalo lasted all of 45 minutes, where the DPM there asked me 3 questions and spent most of the time talking to me about the job description. When I got home and told my family what happened, all of their responses were that Buffalo was trying to sell ME on the job and that they’d be shocked if I didn’t get this one after everything I went through with Syracuse.

Almost two weeks later, still with no response, I decided to call Buffalo and see what was going on with the interview process. The DPM said that HR should be contacting us soon and that all she could tell me was that they selected a candidate. Immediately I took that as, “We didn’t select you.” Again, David was in town (how did that always work out?) and comforted me because he knew how much I wanted, and needed, this job. My mom on the other hand wasn’t so convinced it meant I didn’t get the job — but the rejection email came 2 hours later and it was final. I didn’t get the job in Buffalo either.

My heart was broken for the second time in a month. I was really gunning for these jobs because of the wonderful atmosphere the American Red Cross has. You’re working alongside volunteers who want to help others out of the goodness of their hearts so why WOULDN’T you want to work for them!? It was a dream of mine since I began interning in Rochester last September, and still remains to be a dream of mine. I would LOVE to work for the American Red Cross. I’ve decided that that would be my dream job.

However, out of all of this, I have gained A LOT of interviewing experience, which can only help me down the road. My only obstacle now is that companies want 5 years of experience for most positions, and after being in college for the past 4 years, I don’t have that. And if a company doesn’t give me a chance, how am I ever going to gain those years of experience? It’s a catch-22.

Shortly before graduation, a Democrat and Chronicle reporter was on campus to gather information about the job search process for new graduates, and I talked with him about the catch-22 of finding a job. He said, “Ya know, for the situation you’re in, you’re very positive about it all! Why is that?” I told him that it’s because everyone else is going through the same thing, ya know? I WILL find a job, it’s just a matter of when. Everything works out like it’s supposed to, and I just have to trust my struggle. Right now I’m nannying for my cousin and his wife; they have an adorable 6-month baby girl, and she just lights up any room. My cousin gave me some really great advice. He said that I just wasn’t needed in Buffalo, that somewhere else they need me and my skills, personality, etc. more and that it’ll all be okay. I’m not going to lie, my self-confidence took a bit of a beating after Syracuse and Buffalo, but I know I’ll be okay and that I’ll find a job somewhere doing something. It may not be my career job or dream job right away, but I’ll get there.

I’m beginning to realize that NY isn’t the best place to find a job in emergency management. I might need to relocate, so I’ve begun applying for jobs in places like Washington, DC and California. I haven’t heard back from any of the positions yet, but hopefully I hear something soon! Until then, I’m just going to keep applying and enjoying this time I have with my family and David when we get to see each other! I mean, the fact that my biggest struggle today was deciding on if I want to read Me Before You or Game of Thrones….? Things could be worse, friends! LOL! Hopefully next time I give an “alumni update,” I’ll have better news for y’all! Until next time…. xo Katelynn

UPDATE 7/31/16: 

So the stars must be in alignment for me lately because within 3 weeks I have been offered and accepted a job position for the Erie County Department of Health and as of last night I have been accepted to my #1 online graduate school…Millersville University! This is all very exciting and I cannot wait to start this new chapter of my life!

I can tell I’m getting old because I’m excited for my own health insurance, to shop for desk accessories (planners and stickers too!) and just being able to afford life in general! 😀 As for school, since I’m starting my new job in a couple weeks I may defer enrollment until January just so that I’m not overwhelmed with classwork and learning the ropes at my new job! Hopefully it doesn’t mess up my acceptance; if it does I will just have to power through it!

See, everyone! TRUST YOUR STRUGGLE. I knew I’d get to this point someday, I just had to sit back and let things unfold as they should. Be patient. Have courage. And, be kind. <3

Alumni Spotlight: Jim Mignano

Alumni Spotlight

We’ve asked some of our Winging It alumni to let us know what they’re up to these days. Here, Jim Mignano ’13 talks about how his Brockport blogging experience helped prepare him for his current work with communications agency Text100, as well as other professional development. Watch for more of these features in the coming weeks.

Jim Mignano, alumus—I don’t actually remember the first time I came across Brockport’s Winging It blog, or how I started to participate as a writer for the site. I think I was a junior at the time, and probably wanted to add a line on my resume or show potential employers that I was a decent writer.

Although I might not have realized it or been able to articulate it at the time, the real reason I enjoyed writing for Winging It was far bigger than building a resume. It was because I was contributing to an online treasure-trove of research resources.

As best-selling author David Meerman Scott frequently points out, people constantly turn to the Internet to research and solve their problems:

“We research someone online before agreeing to a first date – is he a creep? We fire up LinkedIn an hour before an initial business meeting – does she have anyone I know in her network? We watch an on-demand movie trailer before deciding which film to see that night at the theater. We check out restaurant reviews and browse menus before booking a reservation.”

And, today, we get a glimpse of what life is like at a college before agreeing to pay thousands of dollars to attend. Brockport Winging It is a valuable resource for high school students who are deciding where to spend the next four years of their lives.

I’m a senior account executive at Text100 – a global communications agency with an office right here in Rochester, NY. My day job involves – at least in part – helping client companies and their executives develop and publish their own online content… everything from tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and – yes – blog posts.

I’m the President of PRSA Rochester and a member of the National Institute for Social Media’s Advisory Committee, and both roles involve helping other communicators use online media like blogs to reach their audiences with their messages. I also help develop the strategy of and write blog posts for PRSA Rochester’s The PRep and Text100 Rochester’s Text Appeal. So blogging is clearly still very important to me both personally and professionally. I guess you could say Winging It taught me a thing or two!

Coming to you live on Friday!

This Friday, April 22, all 10 of the Winging It bloggers will be posting to social media all day long to chronicle what a day in the life of Brockport students is like. From before sun-up to after sun-down, they’ll share their day with you: classes, clubs, working out, time with friends, food, homework, internships, and more.

Is there something in particular you’d like to hear about? Let us know through the poll below, or tell us more in the comments.

Be sure to check in throughout the day on Friday! The whole journey will be captured at

Hey World, We Started a Podcast

Our bloggers are now podcasters! This is another opportunity to share their thoughts on various aspects of campus life. Liz and Spencer kick off our inaugural episode by talking about food on campus. Take a listen.

Right now this episode is available on Soundcloud, and we hope to post podcasts in more places soon. Let us know what you think in the comments!


Coming to you live this Wednesday…

All day on November 11, the Winging It bloggers will be posting to social media to chronicle what life is like as a Brockport student. We hope you’ll tune in to throughout the day to follow their stories. Use #bportlife on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to share your questions and comments with us!

Summer Adventures

Three months have flown by since the end of the academic year, and in just a couple of weeks, we’ll welcome students to campus for the start of the next one! It’s been a busy summer, both here on campus and for our bloggers as they traveled, worked, caught up with friends and family, and savored the chance for some hard-earned relaxation.

I checked in with the blogging crew to ask what they’ve been up to:

Scenes from a European excursion. Fun fact: Liz and Katelynn were on the same trip!

« My summer, summed up »

Missy Fischer: My summer has been full of working, traveling and spending time with family and friends. The phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” comes to mind because my summer feels like it has come and gone in a blink of an eye!

Liz Herrmann: This summer has been pretty busy for me! I went abroad to Europe for about three weeks! And it was absolutely amazing! After that, I welcomed over 1,200 students during Orientation, and I loved every minute of it! After Orientation, I spent a weekend in NYC with my sister to help plan for her wedding, and I just got back from a huge family vacation with my dad’s whole side of the family in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware!

EuropeKatelynn Groh: Summer 2015 has been the best summer by far; I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to top it! When I wasn’t gallivanting through Europe all of June, I was working (and shopping! :P) at American Eagle, anxiously awaiting my return to campus for RA Training!

« Highlight of the summer so far »

Missy: The highlight of my summer has been a spontaneous road trip down to Memphis and Nashville, TN!

Katelynn: Definitely my study abroad trip to Europe. Hands down. If I could relive those 3 weeks for the rest of my life, I’d be totally content.

« Best thing about coming back to Brockport »

Missy: I’m most excited to see all my friends when I come back to Brockport for the fall semester!!

Liz: Meeting my new residents and seeing new freshmen on campus!

Katelynn: Seeing my best friends! I’ve missed them all so much! Also…Jimmy Z’s mozzarella sticks. Nothing can compare.

A few of our alumni shared their adventures as well! We always love hearing about the exciting things our students have gone on to after Brockport:

Jim Mignano ’13: Summer is always a busy time of year for me, because I pick up my second job as a server at the Stafford Country Club. In my spare time, I’ve enjoyed boating on Cayuga Lake with my family and seeing many of my great friends from Brockport! The highlight of my summer so far was a weekend trip to Boston with my girlfriend, featuring my first trip to Fenway Park and a great tour of the Harpoon Brewery. I will still be working at (and loving) Text100 Global Communications in the fall, and I will be serving as the President of PRSA Rochester in 2016!

Caitlyn Carson ’15: I’ve mostly been napping and reading this summer. I decided to take the summer off from all work because it’s the last summer ever I could get away with it. I took my sister to see Taylor Swift, which was surprisingly fun! This weekend, I start the drive out to San Diego for grad school. I move in the 21st, then start classes the 24th.

Kelsey Sherman ’15, former blog intern extraordinaire: Brockport couldn’t get rid of me that quickly! I’ve spent the summer working for the Office of Conferences and Events, working with their summer programs staff. The biggest highlight from my summer was going to Cancun, Mexico, right after graduation with my cousin! Next up, I am attending grad school at Brockport! I am in the communication program and I am also teaching a public speaking class!

Best wishes for the last few weeks of summer and the much-anticipated start of the fall 2015 semester! We hope your own summer adventures have been fabulous.

Orientation Student Advisors
Fun fact #2: Missy was also an Orientation Student Advisor, along with Liz. They’re pictured front and center.

Campus Life in the Summer

Though the campus atmosphere is a little quieter once so many of our students depart for the summer, there is still plenty of activity. Most staff members continue working full time throughout the summer months, and many professors continue teaching, writing, and conducting research, whether on campus or elsewhere.

SummerSession courses are a popular way for students to check off another requirement or repeat a course for a higher grade. There also are students on campus for research projects, such as those sponsored by the Brockport Foundation’s Summer Undergraduate Research program, in which students assist faculty mentors with their research for up to eight weeks and receive a stipend and free res-hall housing.

This weekend, June 5–6, the College is honored to host the New York State Summer Games for Special Olympics, which will bring more than 2,000 athletes and coaches from across the state to our campus. The following weekend, June 12–14, will welcome alumni from 10 special anniversary classes home to Brockport for Reunion Weekend.

Several local high school graduation ceremonies are held in the SERC, and our Conferences and Events office hosts many youth programs and camps during the summer. Throughout the month of July, we will meet hundreds of our incoming freshmen at Summer Orientation, with programming facilitated by student leaders alongside faculty and staff. And plans are already well underway for Welcome Week and Homecoming & Family Weekend this fall!

As always, you can keep up with the latest College at Brockport news by following our official pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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