Campus Life in the Summer

Though the campus atmosphere is a little quieter once so many of our students depart for the summer, there is still plenty of activity. Most staff members continue working full time throughout the summer months, and many professors continue teaching, writing, and conducting research, whether on campus or elsewhere. SummerSession courses are a popular wayContinue reading “Campus Life in the Summer”

The New Rules of the Job Search: Creating a Persona on the Web

Jim Mignano, alumnus—One of my favorite authors, David Meerman Scott, recently published a video interview on his blog, in which he provides his best advice for university students. There are going to be tons of applicants for the jobs you apply for after college. Some of them are going to be smarter than you, comeContinue reading “The New Rules of the Job Search: Creating a Persona on the Web”

Let the day begin!

Rachel Baldwin—Today is the day! All day long, our bloggers will be keeping you up to date on what’s going on in their lives. From the boring tasks to the legendary happenings, you’ll be in the know. Have a question? Comment or tweet to the bloggers! Keep an eye out over the next few days for recaps!Continue reading “Let the day begin!”

Excited to mention that…

…our bloggers are taking part in an awesome series very soon. On Thursday, April 24, we’re hosting “A Day in the Life.” What’s that, you ask? Let me fill you in. From the time they wake up ’til the time they hit the hay, our bloggers will be posting about their lives at Brockport. Whether it’sContinue reading “Excited to mention that…”

On the Hunt

Michele Pettis—Network Club hosted a scavenger hunt this week. Even though only two teams participated (Network Club lost to the team from Marketing Club) the event was not a failure. After searching campus to find the location of mystery photos, the groups had pizza and wings, did card tricks, and “networked” aka chatted about lifeContinue reading “On the Hunt”

Brockport Athletes Give Back

Michele Pettis—As part of the Giant Read program, Brockport athletes took time out of their busy schedules to spend time with first graders at Theodore Roosevelt School. The event started at 9:30 when a couple dozen Brockport athletes arrived at the school in our vans. They were broken up into groups in the school’s bigContinue reading “Brockport Athletes Give Back”

Brockport Symphony Orchestra Has a Night on Broadway

Michele Pettis—On Thursday night, the Brockport Symphony Orchestra played “A Night on Broadway”. The evening featured songs from Show Boat, Porgy & Bess, Carousel, West Side Story, The Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, and My Fair Lady. The orchestra spotlighted performances by vocal soloist Mary Wojciechowski and trumpet soloist Stephen Jessup. The concert was both entertainingContinue reading “Brockport Symphony Orchestra Has a Night on Broadway”

Writers Forum – Take a Hike

Michele Pettis—On Wednesday, May 1st, Cheryl Strayed spoke about her book Wild. The college presented her with the Art of Fact Award. The lecture was held off campus at Temple Br’th Kodesh in Brighton. I have not yet read Wild, but it is on my summer to-read list. I can’t wait until the semester isContinue reading “Writers Forum – Take a Hike”

Scholar’s Day – Dream Travels

Michele Pettis—I want to go to New Zealand. Bad. I’ve wanted to go there since I learned that those awesome mountains and fields featured in The Lord of the Rings were not computer generated. I’ve watched every Travel Channel show on New Zealand. I’ve bought half a shelf’s worth of New Zealand travel books. I’ve hungContinue reading “Scholar’s Day – Dream Travels”