Happy Mid-Semester!

Wow. It has been a while since I have written on here. Life has gotten away from me. We are almost to spring break which makes me so happy. The first half of this semester has been stressful and pretty draining, to be honest. This break is much needed. If you didn’t know I amContinue reading “Happy Mid-Semester!”

How Is It November Already?

As I am typing this it is the second day of November. It is hard to believe that we are in the last full month of the semester. This is my last fall semester here at Brockport and I truly can’t believe how fast the days and weeks are going by. The weather lately hasContinue reading “How Is It November Already?”

Welcome Back to a New Year!

Martha Donnelly—Hello, again! I am back to writing on this blog twice a month to give you insight into my life here at The College at Brockport. It is the end of August and classes are in full swing now for the Fall semester which is crazy to me. I don’t know about anyone elseContinue reading “Welcome Back to a New Year!”

The End of the Semester Hustle & Where I Like to Study!

Martha Donnelly—Somehow there are only three more weeks left of the semester which is crazy! While the weather might be making us think otherwise, it is true. I always find the spring semester to fly by faster than the fall semester for some reason. It might be because we have fewer breaks or it mightContinue reading “The End of the Semester Hustle & Where I Like to Study!”

My Internship Experience

Alex Winslow—I have had the pleasure to be an IT intern at Flaherty Salmin CPAs for over a year now. This internship was an unexpected one that I have enjoyed. Recently they were labeled as one of the Democrat and Chronicle‘s best places to work in Rochester. This was exciting to find that I’m workingContinue reading “My Internship Experience”

My Delta College Experience

Alex Winslow—The Delta College program is a fun community to be a part of. The thing that catches my attention first is the type of people I come into contact with. Everyone I have met is friendly and very smart. I also like how diverse the classes are. The professors are all smart and quirky.Continue reading “My Delta College Experience”