End of Semester Rush

Lynn Carson—Frankly, Thanksgiving break is The Worst. This is primarily because it is not a real break. When you go to your parent’s home, in my case, my mom’s, your family wants to do 600 things with you to make up for the last three months of absence like you aren’t going to be home…

Montreal Trip

Lynn Carson—Depending on how long you’ve been reading (or if you are creeping through past posts), you may remember me writing about the Department of Modern Languages experiential learning trip to New York last October. This year, we went to Montreal. If you don’t know anything much about Montreal’s culture, here’s a helpful wiki. If you don’t feel…

New Year, New Stuff

Lynn Carson—Hey, hey, hey. The new semester is well underway here at Brockport (we’re already going into week six, weeeeeird), and with this new semester, there’s been a lot of changes around campus. As they have every year since I got here, students returned to some inconvenient new construction! Currently, both Lathrop Hall, the future…

Busy Day

Finished editing my thesis proposal just in time for work #brockportlife pic.twitter.com/co7IVYgim4 — Lynn Carson (@bport_caitlyn) April 24, 2014

During Class

Lynn Carson—A woman in my class told us she was in labor for three days I NEVER WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HOW MY MOM WAS “CUT OPEN LIKE A PIG ON A SPIT” EVER AGAIN