Winging It: An Eagle’s Eye View of Brockport is a multimedia view of The College at Brockport — for students, by students. The Winging It bloggers aim to capture what it is really like to be a Brockport student. They share their experiences through the written word, photos, videos, podcasts, and tweets. They welcome your comments and questions!


Alex Bill
Accounting, with intent to go into forensic accounting
Hometown: Brockport, NY (commuter student)
Campus involvement: I work for the IT department, which helps me make a lot of connections around campus. I also work closely with the Magic The Gathering Club on campus. I recently became Assistant Director of the Engineering program with the campus radio station, 89.1 The Point, and am training to become an on-air DJ. I love making films and am an avid photographer, so lots of times you will see me with a camera on campus. Other than that, often times I am attending random events in the Union or playing extensive amounts of pool in the Commuter Lounge.
Why I love Brockport: I love Brockport for the vast amounts of opportunities it offers me. There is always something new and exciting to get into or explore. There are so many opportunities for students to explore their talents and make something of themselves. At times in the past I have been unproductive and felt unskilled, and Brockport has opened the door to my true potential.
Favorite food: I always enjoy Sour Cream with a side of tacos.
Favorite book: A favorite book is hard to justify. I suppose it could be anything that sparks creative potential.
If I had a million dollars: I would be figuring out how I made the first million.

Winging_It_Headshots - MarieMarie Fischer
Class: Junior
Major: English
Minor: Theatre
Hometown: Clifton Springs, NY
Campus involvement: Figure Skating Club, English Club, Phi Sigma Sigma
Why I like Brockport: The faculty, the people, Jitterbugs…the list is endless
Favorite food: Buffalo chicken!
Favorite book: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
If I had a million dollars: I’d buy an apartment in all my favorite places.

Kayla Green
Kayla GreenClass: Junior
Journalism and broadcasting (concentration in media production)
Minor: Graphic design
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Campus involvement: Talon TV, Office of Community Development, Leadership Development Program, video intern with the Office of College Communications, Green and Gold Ambassador, The Stylus
Why I like Brockport: The sense of community and family, and the overwhelming feeling of support from everyone around me.
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite book: The Great Gatsby
If I had a million dollars: I would donate it to my home school district and other districts in the area who have faced major budget cuts these past few years.

Winging_It_Headshots - ShayShay Harris
Class: Senior
Major: English (concentration in creative writing)
Minors: Psychology and communication
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Campus involvement: Resident Assistant, English Club, Earth Science Club, Peer Recruiter, Peer Mentor, Student Host, Second Year Experience Public Relations Intern
Why I like Brockport: The smiles, food, events, and the squirrels.
Favorite food: Hmmm…Baked Mac and Cheese.
Favorite book: The Great Gatsby
If I had a million dollars: I would pay for school, buy some clothes, action figures, Adele 25, save some cash, and give to my family!

Photo_coming_soonNancyLea Illsley
Class: Senior, transfer student
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Whitney Point, NY
Campus involvement: SOUL, Marketing Club, Finance Club
Why I like Brockport: Everything it has to offer, on and off campus.
Favorite food: French fries
Favorite book: The Unwanted by John Saul
If I had a million dollars: I would invest about $30,000 and use the rest to pay off some student loan debt — but of course put some away for fun.

alexis_marchitte_newAlexis Marchitte
Class: Junior
Kinesiology and athletic training
Hometown: Eden, NY
Campus involvement: Sports Medicine Club and working at the SERC
Why I like Brockport: I ultimately fell in love with the school because of its size and its large involvement with the community. The campus is gorgeous.
Favorite food: My last meal would have to be a Thanksgiving sandwich on a ciabatta roll.
Favorite book: Anything by Nicholas Sparks
If I had a million dollars: I would build my parents their dream home and put the rest toward my education and my sisters’ college funds.

Cat Mattis
Class: Junior
Psychology and journalism/broadcasting with a concentration in public relations
Hometown: Liverpool, NY
Campus involvement: Residence Council, working at Brockway, 89.1 The Point, Overnight Host Program, and the Leadership Development Program
Why I like Brockport: The beautiful campus and the even more beautiful people. Brockport has become a second home to me.
Favorite food: Anything with buffalo sauce on it.
Favorite book: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
If I had a million dollars: I would use it to cross off items on my bucket list, starting with taking a trip to Nepal and going skydiving.

Eliza Zachowicz
YouTube channel
Class: Junior
Major: English (literature concentration)
Minors: Communication and film studies
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Campus involvement: Admissions Ambassador, Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader, Overnight Host, Peer Recruiter, Peer Mentor, Leadership Development Program, Club Cheerleading (past), Brockport Barnes & Noble (past)
Why I like Brockport: Brockport has so many opportunities both academically and socially. Since attending the school, my social life has fluttered and I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable in small-talking with strangers. Yet, at the same time, I’ve been able to get an internship, change my major and I am still on track to graduate on time. The fact that we are given these opportunities at a school that isn’t very large is such a gift that we should definitely take advantage of.
Favorite food: I could honestly eat Bagel Bites any time, any day, and not get sick of them.
Favorite book: This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp
If I had a million dollars: I would buy a one-way ticket to Europe and travel overseas without a plan.


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