We are over halfway through the semester and already it has snowed multiple times to the point where my car was frozen to the parking lot. So what does this mean? This heavy snowfall that we got last week where it was a legitimate foot sparked a debate among my friends and I as to whether we are in for a worse winter, because its starting so early, or if the ‘in like a lion out like a lamb’ phrase might apply here. The conclusion that we all basically came to was that winter is going to be a rough one this year. That being said here are some reminders! I highly recommend getting some snow tires – they’re a little pricey but should last you several winters and really go make a big difference. Second, keep that ice scraping snow brush in your car at all times now and throw in a little shovel too since apparently we’re at that point already. Make sure that you’re not forcing your animals to walk on surfaces that can damage their paws and always keep a pair of gloves on you. With these little tidbits you should have a much more bearable winter! Aside from the obvious inconveniences I actually love winter and can’t wait to get another huge snowfall like the one we just received. The snow was perfect for packing and I’ll take layers any day over sweating in a pair of shorts. I hope everyone is ready for when winter officially hits and remember to drive safe!

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