Clubs on Campus

Although at first it may seem nerve wracking to put yourself out there, joining clubs when getting to college quickly becomes one of the best and most comforting aspects about it. My sophomore year of college I found myself searching for a way that college could be more than just school and to be part of a community as well. When my roommate encouraged me to attend Club Craze, an event in the SERC that occurs once a semester, I was hesitant because I didn’t even know what club I would want to be a part of. The decision to go ended up being an excellent one, as I found myself signing up for numerous clubs with no additional pressure if I decided later not to go. One club in particular that I still enjoy being a part of is Tea Club. I signed up curious as to what it actually was, and ended up attending frequently that year with many new and old friends, and becoming incredibly close with the officers as well. The purpose of this club is just to sip some tea, play some games, and make friends with people who you may not have met otherwise. You can relieve all the stressors of the week with some old board games and chamomile tea. Tea Club also tries to fit in as many events as they can throughout the semester, such as bubble tea night and paint your own mug night. If anyone is looking to try a new thing and meet some new and interesting people, joining clubs is an amazing and stress-free way to do it.

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