Brockport Education Program

Brockport Education Program

During my senior year, I’ve been reflecting on how far I’ve come in my major. My major is the English Literature track with intended certification in adolescence inclusive generalist education programs grades 5-12 and special education 7-12. One of the main reasons that I came to Brockport was because I wanted to be certified in both English and Special Education, but I never would have thought how much I would have actually loved the program. The Education Program at Brockport has provided me some of my closest friends, and the way that they navigate the field placements sparked my passion for teaching even more. In my program, you are required to do three 50-hour field placements before a full semester of student teaching. These placements help you learn how to direct a classroom in every way, and how to become more of an empathetic teacher. As I finish my final placement this fall before student teaching all spring, I can confidently say that I am prepared to be the main teacher in the room. For anyone that thinks they may be interested in teaching, this program really gives you an idea of what it will be like before you become too invested, and later gives you the experience needed to be confident in future employment.

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