Is Off-Campus Living for Me?

When incoming students think of going to college, one of the main things that they get excited about is living in a dorm with people who they hope become some of their best friends for the next four years. At Brockport, students are required to live on campus for their first two years – which gives you plenty of time to make your future best friends. But when junior year rolls around and students have more freedom in regards to their living situation, there are a few more options to consider. I lived on campus in the dorms (going from a 4-person suite to the 6-person high rises) from my freshman through junior year. When senior year started to be in the near future, I started to consider if living off campus was for me. Yes, it was definitely a little more out of the way, but was it worth it? Now I live in an apartment no more than a five minute walk from campus and, let me tell you, it’s amazing. Not only are you saving a little bit of cash, but I love being able to customize an entire space, make my own food, and park right in front of my door step. There is much more surface area to clean, but the way I see it, that’s just more time I can be productive while simultaneously procrastinating on homework. Most importantly, I just considered what I thought would be best for me as a senior, and so far, I love the apartment life. If you’ve got a roommate who you’re compatible with, I would highly recommend giving it thought.

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