Despite what you may think… Internships are Important

Despite what you may think… Internships are Important

Internships are often put on the back burner in college. More often than not, by students. Most professors will talk about them, and advisors will talk about the experience you need before you graduate. And it’s true. Classes teach theory. But in most disciplines you’ll need more than theory to get by. I’m not saying class isn’t important. Employers will need to know that you understand the why just as much as the how. But internships are where the how comes in. Once you learn how to do more and go beyond the class room your resume will be much more attractive to employers. While this matter much more in some areas than others, no employer will be turned off by a little (or a lot) of experience on your resume. At Brockport, there are plenty of great programs to get you more involved in the internship process. Delta College is one of many. And, advisors will really push it if you ask. And, that’s really all you have to do. Ask. Just one question to the right person will REALLY put you on the right track. College goes by incredibly fast. Every now and then you may experience a slow and stressful few months, but Senior year does 75 in a 20mph zone. Get prepared before you can’t anymore. There aren’t a lot of people out there who will hire you just because you’re funny, or smart. You need to know what you’re doing.

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