Depression and Staying Focused

Depression and Staying Focused

Being a student in college is not easy. Some people may get to a new environment and are overwhelmed with their new surroundings. I happened to be one of those people. At first, I was super excited to be on my own, away from parents. I would be making new connections, certain that I would have a 3.0 my first semester. Everything went downhill soon after that. I began to fall behind because I couldn’t understand what was happening in most of my classes and my pride would not let me ask for help. With my highest mid semester grade being a C plus, I knew I had a problem. I started going to classes once or twice a week, isolating myself from family and friends, and staying in bed as much as I could. When friends would ask I would reassure them I was fine, telling them not to worry about me. I would give them advice in their own lives while mines was falling apart. I drank occasionally to dull the pain of being a failure, then went back in bed some more. It took really hitting rock bottle at the end of the semester with a 1.92 to get me to change my life around.

I was on academic probation, working extremely hard to get off it. I reached out to my counselor, who in turn hooked me up with tutors in every area I struggled in. I would come early and leave late in my classes, having them go through everything that I truly didn’t get. I felt an awry of happiness every time a good grade came around. I knew I would be okay.

As someone who has been through it, everyone has a point in life where they feel they can’t make a change for the better. The key to making sure you get through it is to find your reason to succeed. What do you want out of life and how will you achieve it?              REACH OUT FOR HELP. TALK TO SOMEONE. DON’T STAY ISOLATED.



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