Last weeks of the semester

Last weeks of the semester

It’s Sunday night after Thanksgiving. Your on your way back to campus after being in a car or on the bus all day. You are full to the brim from eating Ham and other things for the last four days. You suddenly get a blackboard notification and reality sinks in: you’ve done no work all Thanksgiving Break. At this point you start to panic and try to do everything that night and start to worry about all the impending assignments and finals left to do. Do not stress! That added level of worrying about all the work will only make you want to do it less. Take it from me, the overwhelming thoughts of “I have to do this” or “I have to do that” will cause you to lay up at night staring at the ceiling rather than finishing the assignments. Here’s some advice from a professional procrastinator: GET IT DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Do not use thanksgiving break as an excuse to forget you are still indeed a  student and winter break has yet to begin. I personally regret not doing a  few assignments over break just to get them out of the way. Use these last few weeks to catch up on whatever needs catching up on. Even if you are getting a grade you feel might not be what you deserve, ask your teacher what you can do to make it up. Don’t ever let a bad grade defer you from trying to do better on other assignments. I have faith that we can all make it through the semester. Here’s to a good semesters end everyone!

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