How Is It November Already?

How Is It November Already?

As I am typing this it is the second day of November. It is hard to believe that we are in the last full month of the semester. This is my last fall semester here at Brockport and I truly can’t believe how fast the days and weeks are going by.

The weather lately has been strange, during October there was a period of time where it would be 70 one day and 50 the next. We are now in a grey period full of rain and gloominess. October was full of a lot of different feelings for me. While this semester has been stressful it has been sort of relaxing at the same time because we did have our Mid-Semester Break. I was able to go home for a little while which was really nice. Now that it has been two weeks since I have been back from being home time keeps going faster and faster with more things due.

October taught me a lot about time management and to how make the most of your time even in the chaos. It seems even though this is my senior year that there is always something new to learn even when it feels like you have learned everything you need to know. I know that the rest of the semester will be full of more learning experiences and more amazing memories. This last week of October brought me registering for the four major classes that I am taking next semester to finish my English major. I always love major reservation because it means I can be put in the major classes I want to take without waking up super early in the morning and fighting with my peers to get a spot in the classes I want. I still have one class to register for on Monday but besides that I am all set for next semester which is exciting but so crazy!

Hope you all have an amazing end to rest of your semester and a wonderful start to November!

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