Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Right?

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Right?

Coming into the final leg of my senior year, I’ve definitely been finding it VERY hard to cope. Originally, I thought it would be great! I would finally be done and could move onto  a life I want to build, but prior to that I have to not only find an internship but also keep my grades up. And did I mention work two jobs? College can definitely be stressful, but with a couple new ways to keep my mental health in a good place, I’ve been able to manage.

One of the ways I’ve really found that helps me personally is with yoga. In the beginning of the semester I found that I had no real outlet that would keep me happy so I started looking into different forms of exercise. Now being someone that doesn’t frequent the gym all that often, it was hard to figure what worked best for me. I’m not a fan of running and lifting weights wasn’t something I found soothing. Thankfully though, through testing out all of the schools group exercise classes and coming across Yoga with Adriene; I was able to find something that stuck.

Now a lot of people probably think that Yoga is purely meditation or sitting on a mat quietly for an hour, but it really isn’t! I found that sometimes doing even 30 minutes of yoga can really get me sweating and genuinely I can say that I leave the mat feeling better every time.

If yoga isn’t your thing but you think that working out could be a good outlet for you, I would totally suggest testing out the SERC’s group classes. Theres at least one everyday, except for sunday, and you’re bound to find one that works perfectly for you and fits in your schedule.

Creating an outlet, whether it be a creative one, exercising or just having a cozy space, can do wonders for your mental health. College can be hard but I always think that as long as you have a good group of people that surround yourself with and keep working on things you love outside of the classroom – you can get through anything!

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