My Top 5 Favorite Study Spots

My Top 5 Favorite Study Spots

None of us like doing homework or studying, but sometimes a cool spot to get all that work done can make it just a little less painful. There’s so many great spots around Brockport, but I chose my top 5. Our library is nice, but try out these places instead next time you need a change of scenery!

  1. Liberal Arts Building Balcony – This has been one of my favorite places to get work done since freshman year! It’s only open during the warmer months, so you still have a little time left to take advantage. There are a few tables and chairs out here, and a perfect view of the classic Brockport Olympic fountain. This spot is so private since not many people can fit out there, so it’s a great place to get a ton of work done. It’s even better when the sun is shining, the you get a beautiful view of our beautiful campus!
  2. Olympic Fountain – Speaking of the fountain…another great spot! Whether you sit at one of the picnic tables, benches, or right on the edge of the fountain itself, there’s no bad seat here. There’s a certain peace to this area that you don’t find in other parts of campus. You’ll feel hidden away and won’t be distracted by anything since it’s enclosed by a lot of trees. This is a great spot no matter the season – except maybe winter.
  3. Jitterbugs Cafe – This is a Brockport staple that you really can’t go wrong with. Whether you want to have an early morning study session or cram some nighttime homework in before you head home, Jitterbugs has food and drinks for all occasions and is open from early morning till night. They change up their music mix every couple hours too, so it really appeals to all tastes. My menu recommendations would have to be the oreo express shake, red velvet muffin, and buffalo chicken quesadilla.
  4. Campus Mall – Not many people think of this busy spot as a homework spot, but that’s what makes it so great! Have a seat on the steps and enjoy the weather while you work. It only gets busy out there when classes are getting out, otherwise you’ll have peace and quiet while you work.
  5. The Canal – This is another one that’s dependent on the weather, but on a nice day it’s a beautiful spot! Head into the village and take a seat on one of the benches along the canal. If you need a pick-me-up, grab a coffee at Java Junction or some ice cream at Seaward’s. You can also take a nice walk along the water if you need a break. This is a good one if you need to just get off campus and really focus!

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