Living Off Campus: The Ultimate Packing List

Living Off Campus: The Ultimate Packing List

Alexis Marchitte—My packing list is made for an unfurnished, off campus house. This may vary depending on where you decide to live. Some off campus houses may come with a few furnished items; get in contact with your landlord to find out! Off campus apartments will also vary but I’m sure there is somebody you can contact about furnishings!

A lot of my kitchen items I found by asking family if they had anything they didn’t need lying around. I also went to garage sales for gently used appliances. A good idea would be to ask any older students who are graduating if they have items for sale. Don’t wait until move-in day because Walmart will be cleaned out of all the essentials!

(Anything in bold – I used A LOT!!!)

Kitchen Items:

  • frying pans
    • Nonstick are the best!
  • sauce pots
    • various sizes
  • crockpot/ instant pot
    • awesome for meal prepping
  • blender (not necessary but nice to have)
  • colander/strainer
  • knives
  • cutting board
  • measuring cups/spoons
  • spatula, mixing spoons, tongs, ladle, whisk, other cooking utensils
  • meat thermometer
  • can/bottle opener
  • brita filter/ pitcher!!!
  • ice cube tray
  • tupperware
    • perfect for meal prepping especially if you aren’t going to have a meal plan anymore
  • pot holders/ dish towels
  • silverware/silverware holder
  • drinking glasses, wine glasses, mugs, travel mugs, reusable water bottle!!!
  • plates
  • bowls
  • keurig and k cups
  • toaster oven!
    • I highly recommend one – we didn’t originally have one when we moved in but we ended up with one and its the best thing that happened to us!
  • microwave
  • baking sheets
    • awesome for 1 sheet pan meal prep recipes!
  • ziploc bags, parchment paper, saran wrap, tin foil, trash bags, reusable shopping bags!!!, etc
  • dish soap, sponges, lysol wipes, Drain-O, kitchen/oven cleaner, dishwasher detergent*
  • dish drying rack
  • trash can
  • paper towels
  • dining table and chairs – if not provided
  • toaster, food processor, air fryer, panini press, breakfast sandwich maker
    • ok, ok these are totally unnecessary but my roommates and I had various appliances
  • grill
    • if your landlord allows this


  • hand towels, regular towels, wash cloth
  • toothbrush/toothpaste, toothpaste cover/holder
  • shampoo, conditioner, body wash, all shower essentials
  • razor, shaving cream
  • tissues, q-tips, cotton balls, nail polish remover
  • first aid kit
  • bath mat
  • shower liner/curtain and rings
  • hair dryer, straightener, curler, etc
  • trash can
  • toilet paper
  • toilet brush, plunger, toilet cleaner, lysol wipes, air freshener, bleach, glass cleaner, hand soap, etc
  • mirror

Living Room

  • couches/chairs *if not provided
  • tables *if not provided
  • TV stand/table
  • lamps, rugs, curtains *if not provided
  • throw blankets/pillows


  • bed frame, box spring, mattress
    • be aware of how big your space is and what size bed and box spring will fit
  • sheets (winter and summer set), comforter/quilt, pillows, blankets
  • mirror
  • dresser
  • nightstand/ lamp
  • desk/chair
    • I bought a desk and chair for my room because I had the space and I liked to do my homework in my own quiet area but these aren’t necessary
  • clothes hangers
  • storage/totes
  • over the door organizer, jewelry organizer, shoe rack, under the bed organizers
    • (if you need the extra space)
  • decor
    • finally your own space to decorate how you’d like without compromising with a roommate
    • command strips
      • some landlords won’t want nails/tacks in the walls
  • hamper and laundry basket
    • drying rack, iron, ironing board, garment bags, steamer
    • definitely none of this is necessary but it it personal preference
  • laundry detergent and dryer sheets
  • curtains
    • (my bedroom was on the first floor so it was a must)
  • fan, humidifier, dehumidifier, AC unit, etc
  •  extension cords, and power strips
  • safe
    • depending on your living situation, you may want a safe place to keep important documents and such


  • TV
    • for living room or bedroom or both
      • talk to roommates about who is bringing at TV or if you want to split the cost of one
  • DVD player/Amazon firestick/ Roku/ HDMI cord
  • gaming consoles
  • laptop
  • laptop charger(s)
  • phone
  • phone charger(s)
  • alarm clock (or use your phone)
  • internet router
    • My roommates and I just go to the Spectrum store in Brockport and sign up for a wifi service and they provide us a router for the year


  • vacuum
  • swiffer/mop
  • broom and dustpan
  • outdoor furniture
  • bike
    • a lot of people bike to campus since the houses are so close
    • some people roller skate or skateboard as well
  • basic tool kit
  • batteries
  • extension cords, surge protectors, power strips
  • Set up gas and electric services after talking to landlord
  • Set up wifi and cable service

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    1. I guess it’s personal preference. Almost everyone I knew had a Brita Filter. I’m off campus and I still use one. Their are plenty of water fountains/ water bottle fillers around campus as well!

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