My Biggest Fear: Dorm Living

My Biggest Fear: Dorm Living

Eliza Zachowicz—When I was preparing to come to school, it took me some time to realize that I would be sharing a room with another human. A human that I truly barely knew at all, as we had only met twice in person up until the day we moved in. While you can text back and forth all day, and plan the perfect color scheme, none of it is real until you’re actually living with them. Obviously, I was terrified. What if she didn’t like my stuff? What if I brought too much (which I definitely did)? What if she became my only friend and we never met anyone else in our hall and we were outcasts?

Yes, I was being extremely dramatic. Literally every single thing I thought was so dramatic. My roommate, Emma, literally did not care about my stuff. It wasn’t her stuff, why would she need to like it?

Like I mentioned, I definitely brought way too much stuff, but I made it work. Under-bed storage was my entire life, and everything I owned was essentially under my bed. Did I need everything that I brought? Absolutely not, in fact, I plan on doing a video on the different things I definitely did not need during my college career in the near future.

Lastly, my biggest question, on whether or not I would make friends, was so overdramatic. Seriously it was the last thing to worry about. Emma and I kept our door open constantly in MacVicar Hall. People would pop their heads in every day and introduce themselves, then sit on the floor with us as we talked about our lives. This was probably our best idea. But the college also does a lot for first year students to get comfortable with other first-years.

To start, we had a floor meeting where everyone on the 3rd floor of MacVicar met with our RA and had the opportunity to talk to others. We also had the first Saturday together, where we all meet with our Academic Planning Seminar classes to meet our Peer Mentors and talk about the summer reading. After that, we all met up, meaning everyone from our class (2019 woo!) and got our first ever free tshirt, then formed a giant B on the lawn! (inserted below, I circled myself, you’re welcome)


And then we went off to Saturday of Service, where we each got to pick a community service project to work on. My group went door to door in the village of Brockport, telling the community that the college was starting classes again, and we would do our best to keep it down for them. If we didn’t, we gave them a contact person to connect with, just in case.

And finally, the big kahuna, WELCOME WEEK. This was seriously an amazing experience. There was a giant ball pit where you were told to take a seat in with a stranger. By the time you leave, you know a lot about each other. I got in with a girl from my APS class, Gina, and we chatted for a while before leaving. 3 years later, and we’re still friends. (Picture of us below and the montage Brockport made)


Without that week, I would have been a bit on edge, but the people I met that first week were seriously incredible. We hung out constantly and some of us even went to Club Craze together.

I highly recommend opening your door, both literally and metaphorically, to all that college has to offer. Without opening yourself up, you will not be able to enjoy your time at school to its full potential. I truly believe that stepping outside of your comfort zone, which can be scary, is the best thing for an incoming college student. So live it up, enjoy your life, and take some chances. You’ll learn a few lessons and enjoy your growth in the process.

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