Day in the Life of Shay Harris

Day in the Life of Shay Harris

Shay Harris—Last October I removed myself from social media. Five months later, I reinstalled Instagram so that I could stay connected with people I met during a trip to Connecticut–I could have shared my phone number, but that’s super private to me. Since I’m not on platforms which “Day in the Life” typically operates on, here’s a catalogue of my day.

7:00AM: I woke up, but didn’t actually leave my bed until about 7:40. Getting up to face the world can be difficult at times.

8:30AM: I had an RA (Resident Assistant) Exit Interview with a member of Central Staff–Craig Ross. He’s a dope dude. He had a series of questions for me that dove into what I learned throughout my three years of being an RA, the position’s highs and lows, and space to offer critiques/suggestions.

9:00AM: I went to the Student Union and got some Starbucks coffee. Their blonde roast Veranda blend gives me so much life. Oh, I also got a granola bar. Then I visited a friend who was tabling in support of the Clothesline Project–a non-governmental organization dedicated to bringing awareness to the issue of violence against women, men, and children. In the Ballroom were a number of multicolored shirts that had powerful messages/images on them. The content was heavy, but I was grateful for participating. Before leaving I painted my hand purple and signed a banner standing against violence.

9:40AM: I was ten minutes late to my painting class, but in my defense, it’s a 2.5 hour long studio course. I’m working on a final project combining oil painting and collaging.

Here’s an idea of what my final could look like.

Noon-1:00PM: This time was spent journaling and logging in information for this post you’re reading. Bullet journal and journal journal. For this time I did both.

1:00PM: As an RA, I sit desk every Monday and Tuesday from 1-2:30PM. During this time I typically create flyers and submit program proposals to my supervisor. I’ll also tidy up the office, talk to residents, give them toilet tissue, tell them how I can’t fix the community printer, and if I have time, get some homework done. I left desk half an hour early to make a meeting.

2:00PM: A meeting. I have lots of these a week, but this one was unique. I met with two individuals who help run Brockport’s Student Union. Long story short, I’m working to get a PRIDE flag installed in our Union. The vision is to have the flag behind a protective case and accompanied by a written statement written by students.

2:30PM: Ya boy walked to Drake Memorial Library. There, I went to the Aerie café and worked on homework for my playwriting class. Lately, students have been presenting 10-minute plays to the class. After reviewing a play, our instructor has us fill out a four-question form offering feedback/suggestions. I’ll be sharing my work next Tuesday. I’m thinking of writing about superheroes.

3:30PM: Playwriting. We went over two plays that took up the class time. We’ve been let out early the past few weeks, so this was different.

5:00PM: Back in my room, I’m certain I just watched YouTube vids. CinemaWins, CinemaSins, Matt & Blue, Alonzo Lerone, and Zachary Campbell are some of the channels I watch frequently.

5:30PM: Dinner with some of my friends/fellow RAs at Harrison. I don’t take pictures of my food, so you’ll have to use your imagination. I had a grilled pork chop with white rice, and sautéed vegetables–broccoli, mushrooms, and onions. Then there was half a breakfast sandwich and Frosted Flakes for desert. Oh, and my Ginger ale/Cranberry juice mix.

6:20PM: Admittedly, I should have been doing homework at this time. But I didn’t. Instead, I watched a number of YouTube vids, most of which were Vine compilations. While doing so I created a capsule wardrobe for May-July. Essentially, my capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing items that I intend to wear throughout a three month period. I created my list because after graduation, I’ll be going through a period of moving/transition that’ll make it difficult to access all of my belongings.

9:30PM: I have RA Staff meeting every Tuesday at this time. We went over a bunch of RA things like scheduling, programs, updates, etc. Nothing very exciting.

Not my wardrobe, but you could probably tell my name’s not Aaron.

Any who, that was my day. Now I’m sitting at my desk in basketball shorts and a Captain America tee shirt eating a box of Mentos. With that being said, thanks for reading. Until next time.



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