The End of the Semester Hustle & Where I Like to Study!

The End of the Semester Hustle & Where I Like to Study!

Martha Donnelly—Somehow there are only three more weeks left of the semester which is crazy! While the weather might be making us think otherwise, it is true. I always find the spring semester to fly by faster than the fall semester for some reason. It might be because we have fewer breaks or it might just be because you are so much closer to the end, I don’t really know.

During this time of the semester, I always try to make a To-Do list because it really helps me focus on all my work that is due but in a more organized fashion. I like to sort it by the classes that I am taking and then I list all the assignments for each class. I put little boxes next to each thing I have to do, so when I am done I can just check it off. Once I organize my assignments in a list it makes doing my work way easier. Sometimes I just use this list rather than my agenda but it really depends! I also sometimes will add pretty colors and designs to make it look more appealing but once again it depends on what I want to do!


Since my time here at Brockport, I have found that Drake Library is the best place for me to be as productive as I can be. There are far too many distractions in my dorm room to get any work done. If I don’t have a lot of work to do, I will sometimes stay there and do some work but I mainly come to the library. My friends think I am crazy but it is what works best for me, everyone is different. As I type this, I am in the library working on some homework 🙂

My favorite part of the library is all the different spaces that they have for students to do work. There are tables, computers, couches and small and large study rooms where you can be productive. I love the small study rooms because I can shut the door and be in a quiet space where I can focus on whatever work I have to do without anyone talking to me.

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