My Scholars Day: 2018

My Scholars Day: 2018

Alexis Marchitte—Scholars Day at Brockport is an annual celebration of scholarship and creative activity that features students, faculty and staff. This day enables those involved on campus to present scholarly and creative work, learn from one another, engage with members of the college community, and support a college culture of academic excellence.

To be honest, as an underclassman I just used this day to catch up on sleep and watch Netflix all day. Occasionally, a professor would ask that you attend one of the several sessions for extra credit. I never participated until this year. As a younger student I didn’t realize the importance of attending presentations or even consider presenting myself.

This year I am taking a class called Therapeutic Exercise in my major of Athletic Training. This class is all about rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Each of my 14 classmates and I were assigned an injury that we might see in our athletes. Our job was to use the semester to write a 30-50 page research paper on our injury. The majority of our paper focused on surgical techniques used and the rehabilitation process. Once our paper was submitted and finished we were instructed to register for Scholars Day and begin building our presentations.

On Scholars Day, I presented my research in the SERC Field House at Poster Palooza. There are several sessions throughout the day in all different locations and in all different styles. There are galleries, posters, lectures, activities, group discussions, etc. The Poster Palooza was an hour and a half of 100 different students, faculty and staff standing next to their research and answering questions. Hundreds of additional students, faculty and staff show up to see the work and learn something new!


I was really nervous at first, to stand next to the research I worked on all semester and talk to strangers all about it. My injury was “Osteochondritis Dissecans”, which is a relatively rare term. It was exciting to talk to the students and faculty about my injury. I never thought that I would be so knowledgeable on a topic that I’d be able to spend 30 minutes teaching someone all about it. It felt really good to be that prepared. I even spoke to our President, Dr. Heidi Macpherson, about my research. Another faculty member encouraged me to be a doctor because I impressed her with my knowledge about my topic. I’m so thrilled our professor required us to do so, it’s an amazing opportunity to put on your resume. Whether you’re applying for a job or for graduate school, you’re going to stand out compared to someone with no presentations under their belt!

After my presentation, I had to run upstairs from the Field House to the SERC/Campus Recreation offices where I had an interview. I have been an employee here at the Membership Services desk at the gym for 3 years now and the opportunity to be a student supervisor presented itself. My interview consisted of a panel of 10+ people; at first I was really nervous but once I take a deep breath, I know that I worked really hard to be here. I’m pleased to announce I was successful and have been awarded the position.

As each year passes, more and more opportunities are presented due to my passion and drive for what I love. I’m so thankful for where Campus Recreation and the Athletic Training program have taken me so far. College is meant for trying new things and taking chances. I’m here to take advantage of everything that comes my way. If you had said to me these past couple semesters that “hard work pays off eventually”, I would have laughed and said “yeah, right”. This semester I took 20 credits, worked for Campus Recreation, and spent 18-20 hours a week working with our sports teams on campus — all while juggling my school work, social life, me time, laundry, cooking, etc. I am so happy that something great is finally coming out of my struggle. Next semester, I’ll be a full-time student supervisor, taking the GRE, applying to grad school, taking a full course load, interning off-campus for athletic training and everything else under the sun. I have such a positive outlook on what is in store for me and I can’t wait to be busy!

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