Spring Break 2k18

Spring Break 2k18

Shay Harris—Some people spent their Spring Break in Florida, Ireland, and New York City. For the fourth year in a row, I spent mine in Brockport.

Personally, I like the campus when it’s a ghost town. There’s a calmness that creates a wonderful atmosphere to reflect and work. While on break, there are a few significant things that I did. The first was painting. While I’m currently in a painting class, my heart’s not in any of the work. Nevertheless, I feel more alive when painting on my own, outside of the class. Over the break I completed five paintings — three of which are for a solo exhibition I’m organizing from Apr. 6th – 18th. It felt great to sit in my common room with music/Netflix on and paintbrushes in my hand. Just me and my paint.

Another notable thing that happened during my break was my reading of Becky Albertalli’s “Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda.” I recently learned that the film “Love, Simon” was based of a Young Adult novel. The film’s trailer blew my hype-level’s out the water and learning there was a book, I had to get my hands on it. And dang, was it a wonderful read. Albertalli’s book had me make verbal noises on multiple occasions. I laughed a lot, was engaged with the mystery surrounding Blue’s identity, and I wish I wrote the book myself. It was so good. Side tangent: If you haven’t seen “Love, Simon” you should do so. It’s a queer romantic comedy, based off of a YA novel and I cried five times while watching it. Like, I related to Simon’s feelings toward coming across guys he thought would be of interest, only to find out that they were straight. That’s my every waking existence and while I smile and laugh it off, Simon’s responses were very raw and true. Additionally, if my younger self were to have seen this film, my journey toward self-love may have been different. Both the novel and film reaffirmed and validated my existence as a gay male and I loved them both!

I was gonna talk about how I rearranged my room, but now I can’t stop thinking about the great book I read. Of how blessed I am to have found love within myself during my time at Brockport. As graduation approaches, I’ll do some sort of reflection on my journey, but for now, go check out “Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda” and “Love, Simon,” currently in theaters. Oh, and if you need something to watch on Netflix, “On My Block” is a dynamic and idiosyncratic show. I was hooked within the first scene and am sad that currently, there is only one season. So check these things out. You won’t regret it.

Seriously, this show as DOPE!

Until next time.

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