What Did I Do for Spring Break?

Martha Donnelly—About two weeks ago we had our mid-semester break, which was our spring break. This year I came home for the week to visit with my family and to make some extra money by working at Levi’s which is where I work over the summer.

During the first weekend home I spent Friday and Saturday night watching March Madness with my Grandma, Dad, and sister. There is nothing I love more than watching my grandma watching basketball because she is truly happy. I also spent some time over the break with my mother. We went shopping and ate food, two of my favorite things. I also spent time with my mother’s mom and got to catch up with her. I am very close to her and it makes me happy to spend time with her. I know my grandparents will not be around forever so try to spend as much time as I can with them when I have the chance to.

I had the chance to work a few days over Spring Break. I am a Sales Associate at the local Levi Strauss outlet near my house. I started working there this past summer and I absolutely love it. Since I do not work while I am at school, it is really nice to come home and be able to make a little bit of money. The people I work with are the sweetest and I just love the atmosphere that I work in.

Since I was home over St. Patrick’s Day and my family are Irish we enjoyed a meal of corned beef and cabbage. I have not always been a huge fan of corned beef, but I actually enjoyed it. We also watched some basketball while eating our Irish meal and it was an awesome time. While I didn’t do anything outrageous or crazy over spring break I had a wonderful break. I was able to see the family that I hadn’t seen in a while and I was able to make some extra cash. There isn’t really anything more than I could have wanted out of my spring break. Now it is time to finish spring semester out strong!

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