Why take advantage of every opportunity?

Why take advantage of every opportunity?

job landNancyLea Illsley—Have you ever not taken advantage of a certain opportunity, then kicked yourself for not pursuing it? Yeah, I’ve been there too. That is why you need to take advantage of every opportunity. It may seem like a lot to handle, saying you’re going to take on these opportunities being presented to you, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Opportunities are presented in ways small to large. It can be anything from a brunch with a couple of people from class to talking to the right person and saying the right things at a job fair. You never really know what could turn into something great.

AMAThis past Friday I took advantage of a great opportunity that I also took part in last year, but it meant more to me now that I’m a senior. The event was an AMA (American Marketing Association) Conference at the Brook-Lea Country Club in Rochester. For anybody who has never heard of AMA, they are a national organization designed for marketers to network with each other in the areas in which they are located, for instance people from the Rochester area would be joining the Rochester chapter. For students, you’ll pay a certain amount per year ($50+ dues) and gain access to career resources, leadership development, knowledge of chapter events, and ability to take part in AMA competitions offered annually. These competitions are great because you gain experience building and presenting a marketing plan. Joining Marketing Club you gain partial access to AMA membership; meaning we go to the conference and select members to take part in the competition for the Rochester collegiate chapter. Read more on AMA memberships.

This conference consisted of a networking breakfast, some speakers, competition explanation from all groups that participated, awards for competition, then we ate lunch and networked more, and the last part was a job fair which is why most students go. This AMA conference is a great way to get advice on how to put yourself out there, and if you’re already good at putting yourself out there, you could walk out of there with a potential job or internship. There are people you’ll talk to that will have an impact on you, either advice-wise or will land you a job in the future. You never know who you’re going to meet at any point, so keep your eyes open and your charisma up.


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