Eating on Campus

Eating on Campus

Alexis Marchitte—Honestly my favorite thing to do is eat, all I do is post pictures of new food I’m eating or places I’m going. As much as I love to try new recipes, I simply just can’t make the time to meal prep for my week of classes so I end up eating on campus a lot. Unfortunately I also don’t have a lot of time to sit down and eat so I only use Brockport’s Dining Dollars. Brockport has a large selection of how to use your meal plan on campus. Whether you have an actual meal plan to the 2 dining halls on campus, Dining Dollars to the several cafes on campus, Easy Money to many places on/off campus, or a combination of the three — you’ll have plenty to eat. Just be careful because because the freshman 15+ is very real. Brockport does a fantastic job of offering equal amounts of healthy food — just know where to look!

Our meal plans vary from unlimited, 14, 10, 7 or 5 meals a week, but they all come with Dining Dollars so you can have the best of both worlds. They are also very customizable; you’re welcome to add on as many Dining Dollars as you’d like and whenever you’d like.

Our Dining Halls

  • Brockway
    • Closest to the freshman dorms
    • Smaller but plenty of selections like the grill, sandwich station, soup and salad bar, etc
    • The sandwich station and panini press area is my personal favorite
  • Harrison
    • Closer to the upperclassman dorms and freshman suites
    • Much bigger with selections like soup and salad, pizza, pasta, made to order stir fry plates, gluten free/dairy free/vegan options, daily specials, grill, sandwich station, ice cream sundae bar, desserts
    • The made to order veggie and meat plates were my saving grace when I wanted to start eating healthier
    • MADE-TO-ORDER omelettes on the weekend is heaven on Earth, definitely the #1 thing I miss about not having a meal plan


  • Kinetic Kafe
    • Tuttle South
    • My all time favorite because I pretty much live in Kinetic Kafe
    • I love the frozen mochas, and made to order breakfast sandwiches (I’m currently eating one as I type this)
  • The Square
    • The Union
    • My second favorite option, it includes Fiesta, The Grill, Sprouts and Subway
    • Fiesta is a Mexican option similar to Moes/Chipotle
    • The Grill has sandwiches, burgers, wraps, chicken fingers, fries, etc
    • Sprouts: my GO-TO, made to order salads and wraps
    • Subway: 1 of the three Subways in Brockport
  • Aerie Cafe
    • The Library
    • Open late for those night owls
    • My favorite is the oreo express shake
  • Trax/Eagle’s Nest
    • underneath the Harrison Dining Hall
    • Eagle’s Nest is a small grocery store
    • Trax is the go-to for late night weekend food when you live on campus
      • Pizza, calzones, wings, chicken fingers, pizza logs, fries, etc
  • Jitterbugs
    • The Union
    • Similar to a Starbucks
  • Hartwell Cafe
    • Hartwell Hall
    • On-the-go food for classes
    • I love the mac ‘n cheese — that you can get at most of these locations!!!

Easy Money Options

  • On campus
    • Any BASC location
    • Bookstore
  • Off campus
    • Burger King, Dominos, Jimmy Zs, McDonalds, many pizza places, Subway, etc



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