Writer’s Craft: An Interesting Look at the Writers Forum

Martha Donnelly—This semester I am taking Writer’s Craft, which is a class that focuses on the books from the authors who are coming to the Writers Forum throughout the semester. It is held once a week on Wednesday nights from 630-930. So far we have read books written by Rachel Hall and Donna Kaz, who is an alum from The College at Brockport.

Through this class, we read the books and then we discuss them after taking a quiz on the book that we read for that week. During class discussion, we go over a lot of things but we really delve into how the author might have crafted a certain part of the book. Throughout the semester our classes switch between being in a classroom and discussing the written works that we are reading, or doing a question and answer with the author who is at the Writers Forum that week and then attending the Forum.

This class is a requirement for all English majors, which is my major, and I am really enjoying this class. Sometimes it is a little stressful that we have to read a lot in a given week, but then again it is nice to know what the writers are talking about once you go to the Writers Forum. It is a unique class in the sense that you look at works of literature in a different way than you might in other classes. We really focus on the craft of how these works are written and we don’t just go over literary elements that are showcased in certain pieces. We have the chance to look at many different genres of writing and that is one thing that I am really liking about this course so far.

It is definitely different than I thought it was going to be, but it is one of my favorite courses I am taking this semester.

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