My Start to 2018

My Start to 2018

Alexis Marchitte—Well, this winter break was a little different for me. I normally go home for the entire break but this year I decided to come back to campus the first week of January. As much as I love seeing my family, I had to make the decision to spend my break working at the SERC instead. This semester I am taking 20 credits and working with three athletic teams on campus through the athletic training program. It is very difficult for me to work more than 10-15 hour weeks with so much going on, so I came back early to make some extra money. Plus when you live off campus, you still have to pay for your housing whether you go home for winter break or not, so I figured I might as well live in the house I’m paying for.

At first it wasn’t very fun, I was all alone and didn’t have much to do besides work. I was hoping to take some winter courses but unfortunately the classes I need weren’t being offered. Luckily though, the athletic training program uses volunteers over intersessions because our athletic teams still practice and compete over break. I was able to work daily with our men and women basketball teams. I was lucky to have the opportunity to gain more hours in the athletic training room because more hours means more hands-on experience.

I highly recommend to anyone who has the chance to take advantage of their winter break rather than just going home. Whether it be working, an internship, shadowing/volunteer hours, winter courses, studying abroad, etc. We’re fortunate to get 5 weeks off between semesters, use it to your advantage. Not only did I make money and volunteer in our athletic training room but I was able to talk to people I don’t normally talk to. Not many people are here in Brockport during the winter so I became close with some of the other students I was working with. It really makes you leave your comfort zone and experience things you wouldn’t normally during the semester. Although at first I hated being alone, I’m so glad I decided to come back early.

But, now we’re a week into classes and I need to keep my momentum going. I’m taking 6 classes, 1 of them being my clinical hours in the athletic training room which average around 20 hours a week. My goals are to really stay on top of my school work, have a more positive outlook and boost my GPA. This spring I’d really like to visit a few graduate schools and start getting ready to take my GREs.

This semester my main focus is just powering through and getting the grades I know I’m capable of. Good luck to everyone, start the semester off strong and stick to your goals!

Keep Calm and Power Through

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