The Best Advice I’ve Received: Enjoy Yourself

The Best Advice I’ve Received: Enjoy Yourself

Alexis Marchitte—As an athletic training student it seems like we’re non-stop studying and it’s always one thing after another. Our program is competitive to get into, and once you do get in the curriculum is really meant to challenge you and push you to new limits. I am not only an AT major but also have a double major in kinesiology, a minor and a part time job on campus. It can be incredibly overwhelming. I find myself saying daily that there is just not enough time in one day to get everything done that I need to. It seems like I can never properly manage my time or get the grades that I strive for.

“The difference between a 4.0 student and 3.0 student is a lot of fun”

When I’m doing poorly in classes I always reflect on what I could have been doing. I was thinking that I should have studied more, I should have stayed up later, I should have woken up earlier, I shouldn’t have gone to Jimmy Z’s with my friends. An instructor of mine told me the quote above. The point of his advice was that college is about meeting new people, trying new things, living and learning, and finding yourself. BUT you can’t do that if your face is burrowed in a textbook all the time. The point is to enjoy yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, you should always strive for a 4.0 and do your best because it matters. You also have to understand that you’re 18-22 years old and nothing good happens from studying for 8+ hours a day. We’re all going to look back on these days and laugh at all the memories we made. Some of us will look back one day and regret that we didn’t make any of these memories because we were too involved in our school work. You have to find the perfect balance between work and fun. I’ve been in college for 2.5 years and I still can’t find that balance. Every semester changes; your work load changes depending on how many credits you’re taking, your extracurricular activities, how many shifts at work you’re taking, etc. You’re not alone if you haven’t figured it out yet; it’s going to take time. Just remember that you can study all you want but in the end, take a break and enjoy yourself.

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