Day in the Life

Day in the Life

Shay Harris—Better late than never, right?

Traditionally, Day in the Life consists of us bloggers sharing the ins and outs of our lives through social media. However, I’m no longer on such platforms, so I’m being different by writing this post. So here’s a brief rundown on what my day consisted of:

9:00 am – I woke up, hit snooze, and went back to sleep. This game continued two other times before I finally got out of bed. My stuffed animals weren’t too happy with me.

9:58 am – Finally out of bed, I went straight to my desk and went to They have a KAWS x PEANUTS collaboration (related at 10 am this morning) and I purchased two new graphic tee-shirts — one black and the other white. I literally set an alarm for this collar. It was that serious.


10:24 am – I did something I’ve never done this whole semester — I played a video game in the morning. *GASP*. I’m a Playstation kinda guy and bought this game called Horizon Zero Dawn a few weeks ago. I’ve been so consumed with my LEGO and fighting games that I hadn’t given the game any love — heck, I hadn’t even taken the plastic off of it. Nevertheless, the hour + of gameplay I gave was so dope. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the game’s story, but if you’ve got a PS4 and are looking for a new game, I’d recommend Horizon Zero Dawn.


12:20 pm – This was an interesting time because I had to PUSH myself to the class I have at this time. I hear you asking, “What class?” Well, I’m talking about World Art II. It’s an Art History class and I haven’t been engaged with it all semester. We’re focusing on modern art, which is my favorite kind, but at this point the previous units have sucked enough of my energy that I don’t have much else to give. Dramatic, yes, but also true. I debated on whether I should share this bit of my day, but I believe in transparency and being truthful. The truth is that I don’t like all of my classes. Nevertheless, I still manage to take some grain of knowledge from each.

1:30 pm – I walked over to the Union where I work for Brockport Student Government (BSG). I serve as a Senator, which means I sit on committees, survey the student body, take on personal projects, and vote on legislation that affects a great deal of people. I sit office hours each Monday/Wednesday and today was one of my committee meetings — Equity Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI). During today’s meeting we talked about the survey we distributed a few weeks ago measuring campus opinions toward immigrants and undocumented persons. We received over 600+ responses and plan to bring our results to Administration.

3:00 pm – Lunch time! I’m pretty low on Dining Dollars (Brockport campus money) and spent a lot of money this week, so I was too cheap to buy food — my justification was leftovers in my room. But thank da lort for good friends because one of mine offered to pay for my lunch! I ended up getting a large salad from Sprouts, the salad spot on campus. My order included spring mix lettuce, apples, blueberries, eggs, goat cheese, almond chips, dried cranberries, and raspberry-vinaigrette dressing. The blueberries were chosen because there were no strawberries and I wanted to be adventurous with the cheese. Oh, I also had oriental chicken — which is just sweet breaded chicken. I highly recommend it. Plus, I got a package from the Union’s package room!

4:00 pm – As a Resident Assistant (RA), I have to sit 3 hours in my office between the hours of 8am and 5pm. On Monday and Wednesday I sit from 4 to 5:30. Now, here’s another moment of transparency. My “Day Desk” hours usually consist of me hanging up advertisements and planning programs, but today was different. I spent it working on the Literature Cited section of a paper that was due later in the evening. It was a long process, but I got it done!

5:52 pm – My friend Jade and I grabbed dinner at Brockway. I had cheesy ravioli with a cauliflower and broccoli mix. I also had chocolate milk instead of my usual water or lemonade. I wasn’t too hungry because of that salad I had earlier.

6:30 pm – I was in my night class, Environmental Law and Regulations. It was quite an experience…

7:49 pm and onward – Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 had my attention. My night class was let out much earlier than usual — which I was not complaining about. I went to the RA office to make some popcorn — we have a popcorn machine that I have yet to return to its proper owners. After getting popcorn, I watched a number of YouTube vids, Gotham on Netflix, and did laundry.

2:52 am – I’ve got laundry to fold and sleep to get. This isn’t the usual Day in the Life format, but I admire it for how unique it is for the occasion.

Tomorrow I have one class, homework to knock out, and a suitcase to pack. I get to return home to NYC where my family and holiday food awaits me. My day wasn’t filled with crazy happenings or anything, but I’m grateful for the breath in my lungs and functioning body. It wasn’t a great day, but great (well, at least good) things happened.

Any who, until next time!

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