How I Knew Brockport Was Right For Me

How I Knew Brockport Was Right For Me

Alexis Marchitte—As a high school senior I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was interested in studying something in the medical field or working with athletics. But I also really loved writing and traveling. I applied to colleges as undecided. You may have been told otherwise, but being undecided isn’t a bad thing. Your entire freshman year you are taking general education classes anyways so there is no rush to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Although I don’t recommend waiting too long because the earlier you know, the easier it is.

I distinctly remember meeting with my high school counselor about college and he asked me, “How far are you willing to go?” and I told him it didn’t matter, I’d go as far as University of Hawaii. I ended up applying to SUNY Cortland, Geneseo, Brockport and Elimra College. After driving out to Elmira (3 hours from my hometown) and Cortland (3.5 hours from my home) I decided that I definitely couldn’t move to Hawaii or even Cortland for that matter. My family has always been such a big part of my life so I couldn’t move too far away from them. Brockport is less than 1.5 hours from my home. Distance is one of the big deciding factors for high school seniors — whether you want to stay close enough to commute, close enough to visit, or far enough to never come home again.

My second deciding factor was the wide array of programs offered at Brockport. There are over 50 majors at Brockport. The best part is that we aren’t just known for one thing. We have a fantastic nursing program, outstanding business department, highly regarded education program and offer a large amount of health/exercise studies. I am a part of Brockport’s KSSPE department, which stands for Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education. This includes physical education majors, athletic training majors, exercise science, sports management, kinesiology, coaching etc. Since I was undecided I wanted to go to a school that had a lot of options for me once I did finally decide what I wanted to do.

My third deciding factor was the style of the campus. I wanted to go to a “medium” sized school — under 10,000 students. I hated the idea of being 1 in 30,000 like at the University of Buffalo. I am not a city girl either so I wanted a school that was more rural than suburban. Elmira only had a total of approximately 1,000 students — too rural for me. Brockport is the perfect mixture of both. It’s 30 minutes from the nearest city; Rochester. Main Street in Brockport is one of my favorite places, it has such a cozy feel. Shops, restaurants, a movie theater, the Erie Canal, etc.

Everyone’s least favorite deciding factor about college: the price. I knew after looking at private schools that I could only afford a SUNY education. 82% of Brockport students receive financial aid, and Brockport offers over $500,000 in additional scholarships for students to apply for. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — every week I run into a new reason that makes Brockport 100% worth the money. The college has so many services available to students — know how to take advantage of them and use them to your advantage.

Brockport has endless reasons why you should choose to come here.

Brockport ranks among the top of all SUNY schools when it comes to our dining halls. We offer 2 dining halls and several cafes. Our cafes are always being upgraded and new menu items are offered. My favorites are the mac n’ cheese in the Hartwell Cafe, buffalo chicken pizza from Trax, a salad made to order from Sprouts in the Union Square, pizza bagels from the Aerie library cafe, and the frozen mocha drink offered at Kinetic Cafe. Honestly, I have a lot of favorites. Even after moving off campus I bought a small dining plan to still enjoy the on-campus options.

Brockport offers 12 Varsity level sports for women and 11 for men. We offer over 20 club sport teams and every semester we offer intramural sports like broom ball, basketball, flag football, volleyball etc. Whether you are looking to continue your sports career, try something new or enjoy watching sports — there is something here for you. If you don’t like sports at all we have clubs, too many clubs to count. You WILL find something up your alley with people who have similar interests.

I know many of you are attending the Open House this weekend. Before you come, have a rough idea on what you’re looking for/expecting out of Brockport and remember to ask questions! Everyone has a “type” or maybe you don’t have a “type” at all, after touring several campuses you’ll get a better idea. Good luck!

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