Abby Wambach Comes to SUNY Brockport

Abby Wambach Comes to SUNY Brockport

Marie Fischer—On homecoming weekend this year, I had the opportunity to listen to Abby Wambach speak at SUNY Brockport for only 5 dollars. You bet I didn’t miss that chance.

If we’re being honest, I didn’t know much about Abby Wambach prior to going to this event. All I could have told you beforehand was that she was a soccer player, who originally came from Rochester, NY. But after leaving the event, I walked away knowing so much more.

Abby Wambach was very candid about all of her life choices, she was witty and honest and just all around a genuine person. She never was shy in regards to her DWI and when it came to discussing her successful career, she was well aware of the fact that she had a great run. When asked if she could ever switch places with any athlete in the world, she answered matter of factly that she wouldn’t switch with anyone. Laughing while continuing on that she was a great soccer player with an amazing career, and she’s able to say this now knowing she used to be better with all the training she went through.

Usually, if I heard someone say that I would have thought they were a little too full of themselves. But with Wambach, I knew that she was just stating what she knew, and by throwing in that she could say that now that she wasn’t as good, made it more humble.

One moment of pure honesty that I wasn’t expecting, was when she was discussing her addictions and alcoholism, she threw in one thing that really made her want to turn it around. She stated that one of her closest friends said flat out to her that she wanted to make her the god-mother of her daughter but with the way things were going in Abby’s life right now made her think differently. I couldn’t get past how honest that statement was and I couldn’t imagine having heard that.

The whole night was very memorable to me, and when I walked away I didn’t feel like saying, oh I just saw Abby Wambach the soccer player. I simply wanted to say, I just saw Abby Wambach and she’s human just like you and me.



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