Sports and Laughter: A Weekend at the College at Brockport

Sports and Laughter: A Weekend at the College at Brockport



Shay Harris—Whenever life hits me harder than I’d like it to, my mamma likes to remind me of a wonderful superpower I have. Now, this superpower isn’t exclusive to me. It’s something we all have and it’s the ability to make choices. We can choose to be angry or sad, empathetic or apathetic, whether to go to the gym or catch some much needed sleep, you name it! Choices are all around and this past weekend I made a beneficial choice. So what did I do? I chose to take a break from my work and have fun!

Now for those who may not know, I’m from Brooklyn, New York, and back in “the city,” there’s an overwhelming list of things to do for people to choose from. At first glance, the College at Brockport (and the village it is a part of) may not look like the most bustling place imaginable. And to be honest, it isn’t, but as one of my best friends loves to say, “It could be worse.” While the electric sensation you get from being in a large city doesn’t fill this area, there are wonderful gems that if one chooses to participate can create lasting memories.


Take last Saturday, September 23rd for example. I woke up around 9AM to do homework. Yeah, not too exciting. Typically, I go to the library every Saturday from noon to 4PM, but this Saturday was different. After completing my first assignment I thought about whether I needed to tackle the rest of my work at that very moment and I decided that I could tackle the remaining work another day. So what did I end up doing? I want to a soccer game! That afternoon at 1PM, the men’s soccer team was facing off against Buffalo State. Soccer is my favorite sport so I go to the soccer games whenever I can. We tied 1-1. After the game I bought a bunch of junk food and took it to my first football game of the semester, which started at 4pm. Brockport won against Utica College 28-14. The game ended around 6:30pm and gave me just under half-an hour to get ready for a comedy show that was held in the Student Union Ballroom.


The evening’s headliner was Pete Davidson. Now, I’ve never heard of him before nor have I seen any of his work. A few of his jokes were questionable and I found it difficult to justify laughing at at least two of them. However, his opener, Ricky Velez kept me laughing more genuinely and consistently. The show was sponsored by Brockport Student Government (BSG) and I was happy to have attended the event. The rest of my night consisted of me eating pizza logs and watching Degrassi in my bed. If you ask me, I’d say I had a pretty great weekend!

This upcoming week will be filled with a TON of amazing events (created by yours truly) and I already have a post planned to discuss the juicy details, so stay tuned. Until next time!

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